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An Overwatch Poster by Astonov
An Overwatch Poster
to successfully close the open beta with the heroes I enjoyed the most. Thanks to everyone I won with and lost to.
Thanks to Blizzard for letting us test the game. Keep up the good stuff yo!
Until May 24th.

Made with Source Filmmaker
Thanks to the people who ported the models.
Overwatch models and Overwatch logo are copyrighted materials of Blizzard Entertainment
3D Printed Vault Girl Figure by Astonov
3D Printed Vault Girl Figure
It's not an A class stuff, but I did my best. Far better than my first Vault Boy figure that never made it here because it is absolute shit.
I ripped the 3D model from this mod…?
Don't worry, I didn't ask for permission to rip it, but the model creator knows and approves of the figure.
Sunset Too Strong by Astonov
Sunset Too Strong
.......... I guess.
This scene is shit, but I don't care. I can finally dump it in the backups folder and work on Doors now.

Nora - Stealth Clobber
Nick Valentine - Serum & Med Renace
Dogmeat - Telemus
The Institute laser pistol - MrShlapa & Med Renace
10MM pistol - Homem Christo & Med Renace
Red Rocket truck stop - Astonov (go me!)
Fallout 3 props and buildings - the4thaggie

Rendered with Source Filmmaker,
Destroyed in Hitfilm
Do it Again! SFM by Astonov
Do it Again! SFM
I tried.
What you see is the very first sfm creation I have ever produced (and spent some unhealthy amount of time working on it) compared to what I threw together in less than three hours. Although I'm pretty much the same pig like those four years ago, I learned few neat tricks and techniques from those who I consider the best. And yet they just make a starter pack.
The door to improvement is always open.


Martin Rudolf
Czech Republic
Windows 10 Pro
As you may already know, filmmaker for Dota's Source 2 is out. I already spent some time tinkering in it with some fellow pony filmmakers and eventually we learned how to port SMDs with materials for the new SFM.

By this I announce that I will port my TARDIS, GLaDOS and PipBuck for S2FM and my new models will be available for both engines.

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Awesome TARDIS models for SFM
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Thanks for the fav you awesome person you! ^_^*hugs*
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You're welcome! Your Roseluck is perfect ^^
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